The Master of Photography at AKV/St.Joost is a unique course: the only such course in the Netherlands where you can immerse yourself in documentary photography for two years at a Masters level. The term documentary, an essential feature of photography, is explicitly brought up for discussion and examined during the course. The attention focuses on the new forms that the documentary assumes in the relatively autonomous contexts of the photo-book, the exhibition, the film or Internet project. The course is internationally oriented and is attended by both Dutch and foreign students. The context in which students work together is inspiring and produces professional photographers with a personal vision and powerful imagery.

To create a lasting representation of any exhibition of documentary photography poses difficulties. A catalogue, although perfectly adequate for still images, offers no possibilities for moving pictures, or sound and time based presentations.
But these varied techniques and media are an integral part of explorations students of photography make in the documentary domain nowadays.
This website was created specifically to host the moving images that where shown at the exhibition that marked the graduation of the Masters of Photography students. The combination of the catalogue ‘Ray’ and this website should give you a comprehensive view on the work of the different students.

This website also shows the projects that came out of two study trips the students made within their curriculum: ‘Encounters in Istanbul’ and ‘Hospitality in Iran’

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Graduation exhibition Master Fotografie St.Joost.
From June 28th till July 5th, 2008.
Former NFM building, Witte de Withstraat 63, Rotterdam.

Encounters in Istanbul
A study trip in 2007, by the students of Masters in Photography
St Joost, to Istanbul has provided the inspiration for five of the students to return again in September of the same year. The discovery of the city and meetings with Turkish artists has stimulated the five students to each describe their experiences in their own way. Five stories based on the individual interests and approach of each of the students, each having chosen their own theme:
Michael Anhalt has depicted the integration of new architecture in the old city.
Meike Eggers has made a portrait of Istanbul seen through the films made with mobile phones of passers by in Istiklal Caddesi and Taksim Square. Her choice of this location was based on the streets strategic position and the links with the political history in the city.
Tryntsje Nauta has portrayed the vulnerability of the cities children.
Frouwkje Smit has given us a view of the people of Istanbul using slow motion video, almost in the style of a voyeur.
Suzanne Valkenburg has explored the fringes of the city where she has searched for the places where the motorways are encroaching on the city

This web presentation gives a first impression of the work produced so far. The project is still in the development phase and it will result in an exhibition.

Hospitality in Iran
The students of Master in Photography took a study trip to Tehran (Iran) in April of 2008.
In spite of its current political regime, Tehran has a very interesting cultural climate.
Iranian cinema and photography often use the traditional narrative style of mixing fact and fiction. This same tendency can be found in the Master in Photography program, where the emphasis is on the documentary and much research is done on narrative possibilities.
The students visited museums, galleries, photographers, filmmakers and artists.
Besides having these interesting encounters, the students also worked on an assignment from NextOne (a monthly magazine supplement to the newspaper NRCNext). The topic of the issue was ‘Hospitality’.

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